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Daihatsu Gran MaxBuilt to Build Business

Fully customizable fittings and body types to suit your business needs!

The new Daihatsu Gran Max with Ultra-Efficient DOHC DWT engine delivers outstanding performance, efficient cargo management and ample loading space. It is the ideal combination of flexibility, comfort and safety for wherever you go. 


3SZ-VE Engine

The 3SZ-VE engine is a responsive 1.5L DOHC DVVT petrol engine that delivers top performance and excellent acceleration.

Gearshift Lever 

Gearshift lever is incorporated with the console to allow a flat cabin floor with more leg room for the driver and passenger, making long distance driving more comfortable.

Design and Higher Positioning Air Intake
Design and higher positioning of the Gran Max air intake prevents difficulties when going through flooded roads.

Design a Dynamic Double-U Chassis
16mm think dynamic Double-U chassis can withstand twisting from any direction and the pressure of heavy loads.

Available in different body types

Type 1: Cargo On The Go

Wooden Cargo

This variant is ideal for transport of miscellaneous commercial and non-commercial goods. Available in wooden cargo body or fully rasak cargo body, depending on your choice and needs.

Box Van

Ideal for both short and long haul transportation of cargo, the Box Van is sturdy and tough with a large built-in storage space designed to carry small or large appliances and also furnitures.

Luton Van (V58-Type)

Luton Van with enclosed box is perfect for storage and transportation of electronics, household items, bakery and confectionery packages.

Steel Cargo

Hardy as steel. This variant is ideal for the transport of miscellaneous commercial and non-commercial goods such as steels, electronics goods etc.

Fiberglass Canopy Pick-up

The Fiber Glass Canopy Pick-up is suitable for a wide variety of business such as contracting, hardware and repair industries. It comes with a flexible-designed cargo box that makes it perfect for the transport of commercial goods and part deliveries as well as breakdown services.

Type 2: Business On Wheels

High-Roof Retail Van

Designed to maximize storage space, the High Roof Retail Van comes with a spacious enclosed cargo box that accommodates a wide variety of wares from general and specialty retail items to flowers, food and beverages.

Mobile Cafe

Bring that perfect cup of coffee, tea or beverage directly to your customers with the Mobile Café. With tasteful counters that open on wither side of the cargo box and optional custom-made fitted with Food and Beverages equipment, this is the perfect way to bring the cafe dining experience on the road.

Mobile Stage

Give your products or service a boost with your choice of eye-catching entertainment via the Mobile Stage. With a collapsible platform that opens up into a stage and coupled with ample loading space, the Mobile Stage is made for both roadshows and mobile events alike.

Type 3: Freshness On The Move

Chiller Van

If you are looking for excellence in transport refrigeration, look no further. Our compact design allows for efficient and economical deliveries without compromising storage space. Ideal for the transport of fruits, vegetables, beverages or any goods that require a temperature-controlled environment of cooling between 5degC to 20degC.

Frozen Food Van

Be completely confident in the efficiency of your frozen food delivery experience with the Frozen Food Van. With temperature-control capabilities as low as -22degC, this van is perfect for those frozen items in the confectionery, meat, seafood and processed foods industries.

Type 4: Feast For Foodies

Hawker Van

This affordable model is an economical, choice suit for your food catering business. Use its large cargo box to carry wet or dry ingredients food items for your hawker business.

Aluminium Hawker Van

Because your van should look as good as your food, the Aluminium Hawker Van is made with an elegant aluminium finish that is light but tough, recyclable and anti-rust. Enjoy savings on fuel with this economical and efficient vehicle for your hawker business.

Pasar Tani Mobile

From fresh fruits and vegetables to raw meats and butcher products, there’s room in the Pasar Tani Mobile to accommodate all your wares. Take this economical food mobile to wet markets, night markets or bring it directly to housing areas just like an on-the-road market.

Type 5: On-the-road Versatility

Utility Van

The Utility Van was designed with the contracting, hardware and repairs industries in mind. Its compact enclosed cargo box comes fitted with a ladder rack (ladder not included). This variant is especially popular with contractors, utilities companies and telecommunications businesses.

Utility Pick-up

The Utility Pick-up variant is light and flexible with grilled openings at the rear and side gates of the cargo box. Especially useful for works but not limited to road repairs and utilities contracting.

Flated Top Pick-up

For those large items that won’t fit in a box, the Flatbed Top Pick-up is the perfect utility vehicle for your business. This hardy and handy variant features an enclosed cargo box with a raised top opening. The preferred choice for contractors and the service maintenance industry.

Type 6: Special Purpose Mobiles

Pest Control Van

If you are in the pest control, 24-hour vehicle breakdown assistance or chemical-related businesses, you need a vehicle that can get you to your customers quickly, generous storage space to transport your equipment and custom fittings for your equipment and custom fittings for your convenience. Look no further that the Pest Control Van to meet your needs.

Security Van

This variant is designed to ensure the well-being of transported individuals and its contents. Ideally used in transporting valuables, such as large quantities of money, the Security Van is made specially for security firms, cash collectors and goldsmiths. Additionally, the enclosed cargo box is strategically designed for maximum security.


Panel Van (2-Seater)

Semi-Panel Van (5-Seater)

3SZ-VE Engine
The 3SZ-VE engine is a responsive 1.5L DOHC DVVT petrol engine that delivers top performance and excellent acceleration.

Easy Loading and Unloading
Load capacity is maximized to save on delivery trips. Low deck floor facilitates easy loading and unloading of goods.

Anti-lock Breaking System (ABS) enhances safety and driving response.

5-link Coil Spring Suspension
Superior handling stability and riding comfort are realised through a rear suspension utilizing 5-link coil spring developed exclusively for a van.


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